The Story

The Paper Chase is the story of a first year law student at Harvard Law School, James Hart.

Hart is a boy plucked from the Midwest and set down in the classrooms of Harvard Law's Langdell Hall, where he finds himself locked into a zero-sum game with a dominating omniscient deity: Professor Kingsfield, who asks not for the students mind but for his soul. This is law school: Langdell and its old classrooms, the robed justices adorning its walls, the sacred library, a wintry iced-in Cambridge, the alluring grass of spring, the casebooks, the study groups - above all the study itself, the agony and ecstasy of exams and their results.

It is also a love story about a likable young man, and a difficult young woman and the girls father - one of the toughest and most egocentric professors in the history of law schools.